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Music software totally changes the music educational technology. Creating music now is accessible to everyone, regardless of one’s music talent and capabilities. It is becoming more and more attractive and the leading institutions open dozens of new courses on computer music. For example, Berklee College of Music offers more than 40 courses on music production with computer:


I am looking for an opportunity to teach students a course “MUSIC THEORY, COMPOSITION, ARRANGEMENT AND PRODUCTION WITH COMPUTERS”.

After completing this course students will be able to set up and use their own home music studio and to compose and arrange music for bands. The course can be applied to any age students starting from 8 years old to adults. The course is based on music software: FL Studio, Audacity, Cubase, Sonar, Reason, LMMS, and more.

ü  Students don’t need music skills to start this course; they will acquire them while practicing. They even don't need to play any music instruments.

ü  The course does not need any additional books and hardware, just a computer with a regular sound system or headphones with microphones.

ü  I build my course on free DEMO versions of FL Studio and Reason, on free Audacity and LMMS software, on demo or cheap Cubase and Sonar versions. I can include more free programs. Students don’t need to buy software.

About me: I taught computer and band in the American School of Bangkok for 10 years.

Also, I worked as a musician (guitar and bass – in Five Star Hotels in Bangkok: Queen’s Park Hotel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Dusit Thani Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Regent Hotel, Hilton Bangkok hotel, and more.), as a sound engineer, as an electronic engineer, as a computer programmer.

I have Master in Guitar skills from the Berklee College of Music, English Language Teaching Certificate from the AUA Thailand.

Sample: FL Studio lesson 3 plan    (for the very beginners)     Lesson plan 3.xls

FL Studio lesson 3 teacher’s guide and assignment                  lesson3.doc

FL Studio lesson 3 activity result                                             L3_twinkle.mp3         

Please visit


where I put samples of my compositions and arrangements.


Please contact me if you would like:

  • to make a band with me for gigs or jam sessions;

  • to make music with your ideas or your lyrics;

  • to order compositions or arrangements;

  • to order creating accompaniment for your voice;

  • to order song for special occasions;

  • whatever you imagine with music!